Classes with Aubree

  • Prana Vinyasa® 

Sundays 10:30am - 12:00pm

Prana Vinyasa is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers. Students of all levels are empowered to experience prana - the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence - as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. Practitioners learn classical and innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow drawn from Krishnamacharya's teachings, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Somatics and Shiva's teaching experience from the last fifteen years.

  • PRANA VINYASA® master class

This Prana Vinyasa® Immersion is for those interested in expanding their sadhana (spiritual practice). A luxurious 2hr practice creates space for slowing down and becoming more present with each breath & movement. It offers the most complete transformational experience possible, by thoroughly exploring the prana vinyasa method without rushing. It allows a deeper internal connection & encourages you to move beyond limitations & resistance through a natural progression & evolution, that honors YOU in the moment.

  • The Art & Science of Vinyasa Yoga: A Fluid Path of Conscious Evolution, 200 Hr Foundational Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Approved

This Transformational Journey was created to inspire & awaken your inner guru (teacher).

The program is rooted in classical yoga and enriched with the great wisdom of Astanga Vinyasa Yoga and Prana Vinyasa yoga. Participants will explore and study asana,

Pranayama, vinyasa krama (intelligent organic sequencing), hands on enhancements, and many practical teaching skills. Shiva Rea’s foundational Prana Vinyasa teacher training modules(Embodying the Flow & Mandala of Asanas) will be woven into this course.

Aubree shares her knowledge & insight of Transformational Breath, AcroYoga, and Thai Massage throughout the training journey. She creates a rich learning environment and brings together a unique mix of practices for students to enjoy and learn from. The program is designed to give you a wide variety of topics, class settings, and experiences that allow a live transmission of yoga to unfold. We are committed to giving you the best learning experience possible.

This program is open to all yogic explorers who are interested in expanding their experience and understanding of the vast ocean of yoga, those awakening to their inner wisdom, and those who would like to empower themselves as teachers on this incredible path…………..

  • Monthly Transformational Breath Circle

Prior experience with TB required|  $25

Transformational Breath® is Potent Vibrational Medicine

Conscious Breathing is Our Direct Connection to Source Energy and life. This potent, self empowering practice awakens us to our highest potential, and clears the path for us to actualize the lives we want to live and express.

The ancient practice of connected breathing has been embraced by yogis, shamans, seers, and indigenous cultures around the world for thousands of years.

Transformational Breath pranafies the body by circulating the life force throughout your entire being.  Through surrender and relaxation of the exhalation, the heart opens and receives the infinite wisdom, magic and healing power hidden within the breath.  Sense perceptions expand and higher levels of awareness are realized.

This sacred journey invites you into a timeless space of deep listening, reflection and connection.  People have extremely profound experiences while breathing:

  • life changing insights
  • radical relaxation
  • euphoric sensations
  • feelings of unity and love
  • deep healing and forgiveness
  • emotional freedom
  • altered states of consciousness

A regular breath practice gifts you with more available energy, facilitates healing on all levels, ignites creativity, cultivates vibrant radiant health, expands consciousness, and is a true catalyst for growth and transformation.