workshop date:: Wednesday Sept. 28. 2016 Giza Power Plant: Lost Technology of Bu Wzr WORKSHOP!!

Hey, everyone in Madison, Wisconsin. First time this two and half hour Lecture ever offered in Madison. Come to our Lecture to discover that the purposes of the per-neter known to us as the Great Pyramid at Giza and to the ancient Khemitians as Sabkhu, the Soul Star Place, were many, a few being: a house of initiation, a power plant to generate, transform, and transmit piezo-electrical energy, and, possibly, a star gate for the avatar priests of Zep Tepi (the First Time) to travel across the galaxy to commune with mind-body-spirit complexes in the constellation of Orion.



VEDIC FIRE CEREMONY @ SuperCharge!  Friday, June 10 at 5 PM


Vedic Fire Ceremonies, also known as havan or yagya, originate in India and are among the oldest rituals in the world. The ceremony is a symbolic form of communication with the Divine and is also a strong tool for healing, emotional purification and transformation.

In this fire ceremony, we will work with Vedic mantras that will help us to let go of the old, free ourselves from outworn karmic patterns and to invite a new, healing energy into our lives. In particular, we will work with our ancestral energies and the healing of long-standing issues and traumas that run through our family lines. We will also honour our ancestors with a ritual and a small potluck feast after the ceremony.

Please register early as number of participants for this ceremony is limited. For more information and to book your place, please e-mail Srila at or call TJ at 608.230.5540

Contribution inclusive of all ceremonial items 45 USD per person.

To find out more, please visit

Join us Nov. 9, 2015 'Food as Medicine' Ayuvedic Cooking Class

Join us Nov. 9, 2015 'Food as Medicine' Ayuvedic Cooking Class

"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.  When diet is right, medicine is of no need!"

Join Ayuvedic health Counselor Sarah Barasch for this 2 hour cooking class to feast on a delicious spread of Ayuvedic lacto-vegetarian dishes.  Easy vegan versions of all dishes.  We focus on eliminating foods that contribute to the formation of toxins in the body.  If we increase vitality in our daily foods, all else will follow!

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