Chlorophyll and Hemoglobin

Chlorophyll and Hemoglobin

Why is chlorophyll good for your body?

There is a very interesting correlation of the chemical structure of hemoglobin (main part of HUMAN BLOOD) and chlorophyll (main component of PLANT BLOOD!)

Growing MicroGreens for functional food and WheatGrass juice~ we have an invested interest in why chlorophyll is so great and magical for the body.

The main chemical structure and geometry of HEMOGLOBIN and CHLOROPHYLL  are almost identical- besides the central element in hemoglobin being IRON (which makes blood red) and the central element of chlorophyll being MAGNESIUM (which makes it green.)

This similarity is definitely auspicious.  Biologically as food, this similarity makes chlorophyll an ideal component for digestion and excellent carrier for nutrition to be digested and assimilated by the human body.

The beauty of nature has provided us with a super efficient chemistry for us to feed our bodies.  There are many published benefits of the human consumption of chlorophyll; such as fortifying the blood and providing energy.  A quick google search retrieves this paragraph as the #1 entry:

"Chlorophyll benefits include helping fight cancer, improving liver detoxification, speeding up wound healing, improving digestion and weight control, and protecting skin health. The primary reason chlorophyll is considered a superfood is because of its strong antioxidant and anticancer effects. Feb 4, 2016"

We can clearly see that the naturally symmetric and blood matching geometry of the chlorophyll molecule provides biological benefit.  It is said that chlorophyll can be used to replace blood in a blood transfusion if need be...

What a synchronistic connection of Nature- the fact that the blood of plants is so similar to the blood of humans.  There must be significance to this structure that it is functional enough to be the supportive nurturing substance of different forms of life.

There seems to be a synergy that the body likes.  The matching structure of chlorophyll also benefits the body as a mechanism of transporting vitamins, minerals, and nutrition.  Chlorophyll provides a recognized and easily assimilated chemistry for the body to get energy.  Instead of the body breaking down more complicated chemistry and having rebuild the structure and rearrange the molecule to fit the blood; the body saves energy in consuming the bioavailabilty of plant substance in chlorophyll solution!   In other words, instead of the body investing a large amount of energy in order to get energy- plants can provide the body with high energy sustenance that is readily available and easy to digest!

In a further view of the naturally occurring geometry of chlorophyll and hemoglobin; we can notice that the molecules are arranged in a "Medicine Wheel" structure!  Truly this synchronicity beckons the beauty of Nature and Being.  As a Medicine Wheel holds space for the archetypes of Self and Elements of Nature; blood and chlorophyll hold the 'essence' of physical biological structure.

The Sacred Geometry structure of these molecules includes 'hexes' ( 6-fold geometric carbon rings that 'hold' energy)  and 'pents' (5-fold geometry that 'project' energy).  Together this structure merges opposites ideal for giving and receiving, transporting, energizing, and nurturing.  We can only begin to grasp how profound this is as a functional holistic structure with unlimited application potential.

6 or 'hex' is a great structure to manifest a holding pattern; while 5 or 'pent' is projective.  Together we have a molecule that applies sacred geometry to facilitate biological function.  The 5 and 6 geometries together provide a wonderful interplay of giving and receiving; making sense that nature would use this formula for such a core function such as that of chlorophyll and hemoglobin.


What adds more to this magic is when I googled the geometric structure for copyright and trademark purposes I found that the chlorophyll- hemoglobin molecular structure was indeed patented as a "cure for cancer;" but instead of an iron or magnesium molecule as the center atom they had SILVER!!


Great feedback on why integrating this 'Medicine Wheel' geometry technology into my healing and shamanic energy-work practice works so well!

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Coffee & WheatGrass: antidotal alchemy

I was never into coffee until i met my wife.  It simply did not interest me...  but then I tried the organic fair trade french roast she made with organic cream- and I couldn't believe it!  THIS is coffee?  I had only been subjected to mainstream commercial coffees up to that point, which totally turned me off from coffee.  But this organic formula was delicious and instantly hooked me on coffee....  the only issue was that my intestines and stomach was only able to tolerate a cup or two.   Coffee was definitely tough on my digestion.

Then I discovered the antidote.  WHEATGRASS.  I found after I started doing WheatGrass juice, my body was able to tolerate coffee...  In fact, large amounts.  I found myself going on a binge.  From only being able to drink a cup or two of coffee without having wheatgrass juice in my diet; I discovered I could drink coffee all day when supplementing with WheatGrass juice!

High grade coffee is much different than commercial coffee.  It seems the higher quality beans offer more medicinal properties as well as better taste and smell.  I recommend finding an integral organic fair trade coffee company that works with the coffee farmers in sustainability and providing for their community.

Coffee overall is pretty acidic which is one reason why the alkalizing properties of wheatgrass juice provide a synergistic antidotal blend.

The acids and medicinal properties of coffee offer purifying effects on the body.  Caffeic Acid is a polyphenol in coffee known to offer the body antioxident, anticarcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory effects.  It seems coffee can do well to eliminate toxins from the body as well, including radiation.

On the other hand, coffee can acidify the blood while extracting minerals and dehydrating the body.

WheatGrass juice can compliment coffee in a way where it can facilitate its medicinal properites while counteracting coffee's negative effects.  WheatGrass is full of chlorophyll which has been found to have many positive effects on the body while alkalizing the blood.  WheatGrass grown to its highest potential also offers all minerals the body needs- nullifying the leaching effect of coffee; as well as offering all essential amino acids the body needs.

We have also experienced wheatgrass juice facilitates a smooth caffeine buzz from the coffee, rather than a jittery ungrounded coffee buzz potentially experienced with coffee consumption.

It also seems like coffee and wheatgrass juice synergistically combine to create a functional healthy and energizing feeling that is greater than consuming each on its own.   Try a wheatgrass shot before, during or after your coffee and see what you feel for yourself!

There has been many other substances emerging that combine well with coffee. Mushroom blends have been popular, as well as grass-fed butters and coconut oil derivatives found in the 'bulletproof' recipe.

We have been experimenting creating superfood coffee and have been greatly enjoying the results!  Try for yourself and share your experiences and recipes!

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