Hello! I'm Carla Raushenbush

Hello! I'm Carla Raushenbush

Whether you are already practicing somatic awareness, yoga, mindful movement or have never done anything like it, I am delighted to invite you and yours to come to any class that interests you. Do not worry if it is your first yoga class---I had one of those, too, 29 years ago!
Per class cost is $10 - 20, as you wish, credit cards accepted,  not preferred.
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  • Classes are non-competitive, respectful & drop-in (unless marked pre-registration).
  • Open to all levels.  
  • Attire: clean, stretchy or light and loose clothing. Remove fragranced products from your skin.  
  • Practicing hydrated and with a fairly empty stomach feels best. 
  • Arrive up to 15 minutes before class. Maintain quiet in the Juice Bar and coatroom if a class is finishing up.
  • If you’re pregnant, injured or have other health concerns, I can easily make pose adaptations or eliminations. Please tell me and I will help you.
  • Sticky mats provided but definitely bring your own if you have one. Bring a towel & a water bottle to fill here.

1. Hanna Somatic Exercises:  10:45am - Noon Saturday, starting Sept. 9
info coming... but, if you read these articles, you will learn a lot!


2. "Bikram" Yoga Sequence:  9 - 10:30am Saturday, starting Sept. 9

Count on a uniquely gentle teaching of this sequence and kind encouragement in a class that respects silliness, seriousness and independent, explorative creativity. The focus of practice is awareness, health & freedom. Witnessing our habitual reactions and perspective, and choosing whether to have them or not have them, is movement toward uncovering our already free self.  Mind AND body flexible, strong, imaginative, living well both within your culture or, if you choose, beyond culture, era, ego and circumstance. 
Bishnu Ghosh (the brother of Paramahansa Yogananda whose book "Autobiography of a Yogi" introduced millions to Kriya Yoga, meditation and, eventually, The Self Realization Fellowship), was a famous Physical Culturist in India, living 1903-1970.  He developed a well-researched 26 pose + 2 breathing techniques sequence.  One of his top students, Bikram Choudhury, was sent to Japan and to the USA to teach it.  It became known as “Bikram Yoga”. 
 This sequence meditatively and systematically lengthens, strengthens, lubricates and oxygenates 100% of the body, restoring all systems toward healthy, balanced order. It is intended for any level of student as each pose has its beginning and advancing stage.  Poses include standing, one legged standing, floor poses on the belly, back, and sitting.  We start and end with a breathing technique.  

While you can count on relief of stress from every practice, continued efforts result in increasing awareness, control and relaxation of the body and the state of mind, meaning you can prevent stress from building in many situations that once inspired it. Mindfulness is a priority in this class.

Carla also offers useful anatomical and holistic health information and has been a Massage Therapist for 27 years.

Carla created A Perfect Knot in 1996 and welcomes everyone to come and spend awhile in an absolutely beneficial way. The room is warm (80-85 degrees). Layering of clothing is encouraged in the wintry months. Be sure to bring your largest towel, a washcloth, and a waterbottle to every class.