"Carla, I love witnessing you teach beginners from the beginning. First: I taught myself yoga from books. Second: I learned at the 'Y' from a teacher who is an incredible athlete, but wasn't a yoga teacher.  For me, seeing how you dive in and get the teaching so just-right, you don't simplify, nor do you overwhelm. You address the physical practice, introduce the mental/emotional/psychological /spiritual, acknowledging individuals and the group experience AND you create a comfortable and joyous environment...         L.L. 1/18/2016



Mondays 5:45-7:15pm -NO CLASS ON 4/24 & MAY 1
Wednesdays 9:00 - 10:30am
 "Bikram Mix" will utilize portions of the Bikram 26 pose sequence (please, see "Bikram" below) but not be limited to it.  Practice will respond to the requests of participants on any given day.  Including standing, balancing and floor postures, practice will be meditative, relaxing and respectful.
It is appropriate for all levels of yoga experience.

  • BIKRAM Sequence
    Saturdays 9:30 - 11am

    NOTE:  When the Juice Bar is not open, the building sign may say "closed". However, we are OPEN for Yoga, 15 minutes before class starts.
    Count on a uniquely gentle teaching of this sequence and kind encouragement in a class that respects silliness, seriousness and independent, explorative creativity. The focus of practice is awareness, health & freedom. Witnessing our habitual reactions and perspective, and choosing whether to have them or not have them, is movement toward uncovering our already free self.  Mind AND body flexible, strong, imaginative, living well both within your culture or, if you choose, beyond culture, era, ego and circumstance. 
    Bishnu Ghosh (the brother of Paramahansa Yogananda whose book "Autobiography of a Yogi" introduced millions to Kriya Yoga, meditation and, eventually, The Self Realization Fellowship), was a famous Physical Culturist in India, living 1903-1970.  He developed a well-researched 26 pose + 2 breathing techniques sequence, made famous by one of his students, Bikram Choudhury.  This sequence meditatively and systematically stretches, strengthens, lubricates and oxygenates 100% of the body, restoring all systems toward healthy, balanced order.  It is intended for any level of student as each pose has its beginning and advancing stage.  Poses include standing, one legged standing, floor poses on the belly, back, and sitting.  We start and end with a breathing technique.

    Carla created A Perfect Knot in 1996 and welcomes everyone to come and spend awhile in an absolutely beneficial way. The room is warm (85 degrees) to help the stiff places get moving and to promote a gradual detoxification of the tissues through sweating. Layering of clothing is encouraged in the wintry months. Be sure to bring your largest towel, a washcloth, and a water bottle to every class.
    (Please bring 2 towels  or your own mat if you tend to sweat a lot.)
    While you can count on relief of stress from every practice, continued efforts result in increasing awareness, control and relaxation of the body and the state of mind, meaning you can prevent stress from building in many situations that once inspired it. Mindfulness is a priority in this class.
    Carla also offers useful anatomical and holistic health information and has been a Massage Therapist for 25 years.

  • SOMATIC EXERCISES-- replacing Yin Yoga for all of May.  
    Saturdays 11:15am - 12:30pm

No experience necessary. This is an effective practice to relieve muscular contractions by practicing these simple floor exercises in a way that insists your brain's Cerebral Cortex (the part of your brain that learns) is involved. This Cortex involvement is important because this is the only part of the brain that can tell a contracted muscle(s) to release by sending a motor neuron directive!  Unfortunately, stretching does not cause muscle relaxation.  If we have muscles that repeated a pattern of holding,--"learned" it--, that pattern now lives in the Sub-Cortex, where it is unconsciously held and ongoing.  It is our go-to way of functioning and the Cortex is no longer aware of it at all!  It could be a shoulder hunch or a pattern that developed years ago when you had sprained ankle--and even once the sprain healed, the maladaptive walking pattern continued.  It does not matter if the problem was caused by  physical or psychological stress or assault, folk dancing, sitting at a desk or living in an unsafe home. The cool fact is that it is learned patterns that allow us to function quickly and gracefully: tie our shoes, folk dance, eat ice cream, walk. However, we all develop patterns that end up creating pain as they compress, pull bones the wrong way, limit range of motion in joints, etc., and make us feel unhealthy, weak, tense, old.  Sometimes the problem is diagnosed at a structural problem or muscle imbalance that suggests either a need for strengthening or surgical cutting.  Yet, Somatic clinicians have found that, more often than not, it is a muscle(s) that are being held tight and, once that muscle is told to let go by the part of the brain that can actually cause that, the problem is resolved.  This is basic neuroscience, yet it remains under utilized by the medical profession.  

Carla is the only one in Madison teaching this sequence and practicing one-on-one sessions.  Take advantage of this.  Learn this sequence and take it home!

  • Massage Therapy with Carla

Carla Raushenbush, in private practice since 1990, apprenticed with Cherie St. Cyr. Other trainings include John Barnes Myofascial Release, Dub Leigh Zen Triggerpoint Anatomy, Paul St. John Neuromuscular Therapy and Level II Reiki.

ALLERGIES? If you are strongly allergic to dogs, please let me know details as we can be sure to schedule a session at Supercharge Foods instead of my home.  If it is only through actual contact, please know the dog is not in contact with the table, sheets or blanket used during a massage and my hands and arms are washed thoroughly before working.

Each session will incorporate your specific requests within a deep tissue, muscularly detailed massage. I am quite strong and some require strong, deep work. Others withdraw from this and require a softer pressure. Inform me and I will respond to your requests.
Come as freshly washed as you can. Please tell me if you are allergic to any specific oils so I can have a beneficial oil on hand or you can bring your own. I use a massage table and will drape with a sheet and blanket any area I am not specifically working with.

I work from home or in the massage room at Supercharge Foods, where I teach Yoga classes. Contact me and we can schedule you at a good time for you. Note, if you look at the schedule page, you will see when I am teaching yoga and am not available for massage appointments.

Contact Carla at: 608 469-3205 or carlasperfectknot@gmail.com

Cost: 1 hour session: $80; .5 hour: $45; 1.5 hrs.: $105 

Gift certificates available. 
Call/email with questions or to schedule.
Cash/checks preferred.
Credit cards fine, in person
or over the phone.  (Yes, those who love you can phone me to buy you massages!)









All classes drop-in $15. All classes end in May, 2017. Cash/checks preferred. Credit cards fine, in person or over the phone. (Yes, those who love you can phone me to buy you a pass! 608 469 3205) ****************************  

All classes drop-in $15.
All classes end in May, 2017.

Cash/checks preferred.
Credit cards fine, in person
or over the phone.
(Yes, those who love you can phone me to buy you a pass! 608 469 3205)