beyond organic!

Rather than telling you what is NOT in your food (as the case of Organic certification); We feel it is important to know what IS in your food!

Biodynamics is a sustainable farming method with a holistic approach in harmony with Nature.  Biodynamic farming ensures healthy fertile soil and a high nutrient density in the food grown through biodynamic methods.

Foods grown with biodynamics are known to be more flavorful with a longer shelf-life

Practicing Biodynamics helps to build a diversified balanced ecosysetm to generate health and fertility!

Biodynamic preps consist of fermented manure, herbs, and minerals with healthy soil micro-organisms in order to restore and vitalize the Earth!

Biodynamics originated from the work of Rudolf Steiner.  Biodynamic gardening is designed to provide the proper balance of chemistry, minerals, and probiotics to optimize plant potential.

Biodynamic method recognizes and cooperates with the subtle universal influences the cosmos has upon the Earth.  Aligning HOLISTICALLY with these energies provides  superior production and a higher degree of sustainability.

On a larger level, biodynamics harmonizes Earth energy to align planetary and cosmic forces with Nature.  As expressed through the Spiritual Sciences of Rudolf Steiner, cooperating with the Cosmic Forces provides a harmonic relationship between soil, plants, animals, and humans.

"Where as conventional farming takes more from the soil than it gives back, and organic tries to give as much back to the soil as it takes; biodynamics gives more back to the soil than it takes out"