We use a variety of proprietary practices and techniques at the appropriate times in the appropriate circumstance.  We conduct ceremony and are constantly fortifying to maintain energetic integrity.

We have implemented technologies to nullify negative EMF.  Our property has been dowsed to detect the positive and negative ley lines, Earth-Grid lines and the Hartmann grid.  We have taken precautions to divert the negative energy lines from passing through our space and have allowed a proactive constructive vortex to happen in place.


In order to create a natural environment for our working and community space as well as the living food we create, we chose to install Memon technology imported from Germany on the incoming power to our facility.  Memon is a unique technology which deletes the harmful information fields associated with electricity and electrical devices thus allowing water to behave as if it was in Nature without the stress of the artificial fields.   The Memon field creates a wonderful non-chaotic environment conducive to creativity, health, and healing.  It even harmonizes WIFI frequency!  We invite you to feel this unique technology when you are present in our facility.

 For more information on how to integrate Memon into your living or working environment contact Mike Bieser through Akashic Wellness LLC  

222 N Main St Viroqua, WI 54665 or biesermike@gmail.com
  • Energy vibrations to promote Chakra Balance and energy health
  • Environmental harmonizer
  • Irradiator scalar device
  • ionization
  • pyramid technologies
  • sound frequencies
  • Sacred Geometry technology
  • balancing energies for the BioEnergetic field and aura