SuperCharge! Foods are grown with infinite love & gratitude by a special SuperCharging process.  We ensure optimum nutrient density and high vibe energy.

SuperCharge! Foods is passionate about integrity and quality.  We do our best to produce the best food with the highest energy!

We are mindful about our practice and believe the best thing for plants is Love, affection, intention, and attention!

We know that the most potent attribute for plant growth is the farmer’s shadow.  Rather than resort to automated systems, we feel it is important for us to be present with our plants!  

SuperCharge! Foods are grown in a custom built state-of-the-art facility designed to facilitate life growth.

Know your FARMER!

Know who is growing your food and what you are supporting when your support their business.

We feed our plants holistically, meaning in addition to giving our plants the ultimate physical components for nourishment, we also feed our plants energetically and on esoteric levels.