Classes with TJ

  • InnerSize Energize QiGong Yoga & Sound Toning EnergyWork

InnerSize classes facilitate SELF-CARE for core strengthening, relaxation and stress release, manifestation, and personal development. InnerSize is designed to activate, strengthen, and develop the BIOENERGY FIELD, Light Body, MerKaBa, and Aura! It is an ideal practice for body and energy workers, therapists, yogis, and supplemental to any practice.

InnerSize sessions provide a Sacred Space energy vortex for us to SuperCharge our energy! Class involves QiGong posture, Yoga asana; meridian, organ, elemental energy and brain hemisphere balancing, breath, Sound Toning, and meditation. 

InnerSize exercises are holistic exercises that give you energy and feed your body and energy rather than externally focused movements that drain your energy. Movements and postures are designed to move energy inward through your inner-Being to unify the Mind, Body, Emotions and Energy Body with a Heart-Centered connection with your Higher Self. 

InnerSize will balance your Chakras, release toxic energy, and feed your Self Universal Life Force LOVE Unifying Energy! Our mindfulness is directed to create a collective consciousness as a group to elevate the Earth and the community as well as the individuals and immediate environment. 

Classes focus on communing with the Elemental energies that animate our body in order to realign, release, realign and regenerate ourselves holistically. Each session will focus on a particular Element, aspect of Self and CHAKRA. Each session will also address every Chakra.

We use the BioLogical Alchemy system of 13 Chakras in Galactic Tone resonance to work with directly with our energy.

  • 13 Chakras in alignment with Galactic Tone Spiral:
  • 1: Unity ~ Navel Chakra ~ Universal Life Force Energy/ LOVE
  • 2: Duality ~ Solar Chakra ~ Fire/ Mind
  • 3: Action ~ Sacral Chakra ~ Water/ Emotion
  • 4: Stability ~ Base Chakra ~ Earth/ Physical
  • 5: Empowerment ~ Pubic Chakra ~ Wood/ Growth
  • 6: Flow ~ Heart Chakra ~ Air/ Psyche
  • 7: Reflection ~ Thymus Chakra ~ Metal/ Ego
  • 8: Justice ~ Nose Chakra ~ Senses/ Feeling
  • 9: Patience ~ Crown Chakra ~ Consciousness/ Unity
  • 10: Manifestation ~ Frontal Chakra ~ Sound/ Higher Self
  • 11: Resolution ~ Brow Chakra ~ Light/ Inner-Sight
  • 12: Understanding ~ Chin Chakra ~ Thought/ Reason
  • 13: Ascension ~ Throat Chakra ~ Aether

InnerSize facilitates personal practice to:

  • Stimulate the neuro-pathways of your brain
  • Balance your chakras, meridians, and brain hemispheres
  • SuperCharge your ENERGY!
  • Enhance your BioEnergetic field
  • Activate MERKABA Light Body

Transformational tools for inner-Alchemy:

  • Yoga asana
  • Qigong movements
  • Nei gong posture
  • Sound toning
  • meditation