SuperCharge Sanctuary

CommUnity Studio & Treatment Room

We want to share the environment we created to grow food with the people and community, since the optimal environment to grow plants is also good for growing people. We have invested in making the SuperCharge Sanctuary Space a proactive environment conducive to life growth.  Some of the features implemented within our premises:

The Treatment Room is 108 square feet (12 x 9) & the Community Studio Space is 640 sq ft (32 x 20) of insulated hand-laid bamboo flooring.  We have the option of soothing indirect lighting, bright overhead lights, or a dimmer controlled blend of both.  There is a nice sound system and a projector that your iPod or computer can connect to for your desired sounds and images!

The SuperCharge! indoor urban MicroGreen Farm neighbors the space and creates a wonderful complimentary harmonic energy conducive to life growth.  Our grow room offers ionization and air filtration throughout the building with independent temperature control for the Community Studio.  

In order to create the most natural environment for our working and community space as well as the living food we create, we chose to install Memon technology imported from Germany on the incoming power to our facility.  Memon is a unique technology which deletes the harmful information fields associated with electricity and electrical devices thus allowing water to behave as if it was in Nature without the stress of the artificial fields.   The Memon field creates a wonderful non-chaotic environment conducive to creativity, health, and healing.  It even harmonizes WIFI frequency!  We invite you to feel this unique technology when you are present in our facility.

For more information on how to integrate Memon into your living or working environment contact Mike Bieser through Akashic Wellness LLC.
222 N Main St.  
Viroqua, WI 54665

'Effective Micro-bacteria' (EM) is a specially formulated ceramic powder that we added to drywall mud, paint, and primer to create a positive energetic field.  Japanese scientists created EM to produce a probiotic bioenergetic field to facilitate life growth.  We also added our biodynamic Sacred Soap formula to add proactive harmonic vibrations.

We have had our property dowsed to locate and rectify the Hartmann grid- the destructive interference energy lines of the Earth that have been magnified through implementation of power lines, sewer systems, and modern city constructions that inhibit the natural flow and balance of the Earth's energy.  We have eliminated all geopathic stress lines and the Hartmann grid from our facility.

We have taken special measure to ground our building with extra grounding rods through the cement along with scalar technologies to ionize and ground stray vibrations within our space so discharged bioenergy is appropriately processed.  Standing on our floor feels energetically like standing directly on the ground in Nature!  

We have built a Medicine Wheel with various gems and minerals to hold Sacred Space and the Directions according to the 13 Galactic Tones & Chakras of the Mayan count to assist in conjuring the alchemical elements and archetypes of nature and promoting personal processing and transformation

We have designed our layout in Sacred Geometry principles and have fixed crystals and Sacred Geometry images to optimize energy flow through our space.  We also use harmonic sound frequencies to perpetuate loving energy flow.


Community space

Our space is available for rental!  Special orders may be arranged with the juice bar for juices, smoothies, microgreens, and superfood catering!  A great affordable option for classes, workshops, and MEET-UP groups in a great space!  

$20 per hour; $25 for hour and a half.  Inquire for availability!

*In order to support our community we also adjust our rates for fund-raisers and free community gatherings

contact us at:


Treatment Room

Our treatment room is specially formulated to ground energy to expedite processing and a transformational healing experience!  We offer space for the community so practitioners can affordably share their gifts! 

rental rate is $10 per hour.  Contact us at