Sunflower Microgreens sprouts

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SuperCharge! SUNFLOWER MicroGreens are the edible juvenile stage of the sunflower plant. They are harvested at about 2 weeks before the grow a second set of leaves.

SuperCharge! SunFlowers are HI-POWER!
They contain 72 minerals and have about the same PROTEIN content as CHICKEN (about 20-25%)!
Although, the protein content of SunFlowers, unlike chicken, is LIVE in enzymatic form which means it is easily digestible and you get energy from digesting rather than the body needing to invest energy and enzymes into digesting the dead complex proteins of chicken.

SunFlower Micros also contain essential fatty acids, the GOOD fats the body needs. The fats in SunFlowers actually help the body digest fat and have been shown to lower LDL levels and cholesterol (bad fats!)

SunFlowers are also know to detoxify radiation from the body!

They are certainly a favorite! Eat them straight or supplement your sandwiches, salads, burritos; or throw them on top of your eggs or garnish any main course…